How to Get a Job in Zambia

To be honest with you, my job search journey has been a very humbling experience. I know you’re looking for a job too and you obviously understand the struggle. Looking for a job has turned out to be a very draining job. But like always, a challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and I’ve been pleased to discover a few more methods to find a job other than the traditional job search websites and newspaper listings.


These two are probably the most common ways to find a job in Zambia. Many employers make employment listings in newspapers and job search websites.

In the initial stages of my job search, I bought a newspaper every Monday until I realized that most job listings would also be on job search websites like Go Zambia Jobs. Also, I didn’t always find jobs I was interested in so I would end up feeling like I had wasted money buying these papers so I opted to stick with job search websites. I found an amazing app on Google Play Store called SAKILA that allows you to access multiple Zambian job search websites in one place.

I also have a small job board in my newsletter that I believe is convenient for you to just read through and see if there’s anything you might be interested in.


This is my favorite and maybe that’s because your girl here likes listening to people’s stories. I can’t guarantee you success in this area, I haven’t been successful YET but I have learnt so much, worthwhile conversations really open your mind! In this digital age, networking goes beyond just your family, friends and networking events, you can reach anyone from anywhere in the world. I like to brag about how my Facebook Messenger no longer has weird boys trying to get another e-girlfriend, it’s because I mostly have conversations with people whose jobs I would like to have, and obviously they’d have been promoted or gotten a better job 😂. I wish you could see it!

So yes, find people who have the jobs you’d like to have, who work in organizations you’d like to work in, prospective employers, connect with them. Join Facebook/LinkedIn groups in your desired industry. Join Industry related clubs. Don’t be afraid to build relationships. Use your social media to show people what you can do, advertise yourself (you never know who’s watching, I see this all the time on Twitter.)


This is where you step into a business or company, introduce yourself and ask if they have any job openings. It sounds simple and I was naïve enough to use this approach in my door-to-door job hunting until one day, I had to evaluate why this wasn’t working for me and how I could make it better. I came up with an amazing winning formula I share it in detail in this article here and in a few words research, research, research.

A modern way to do this, would be to send speculative emails and make cold calls. Many Zambian companies are going digital; they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, they have websites. Look around their social media for contact details, make calls, write emails. Market yourself well, you might just get a good job.


I haven’t tried this yet and I haven’t heard of anyone who succeeded trying this in Zambia. Actually, a friend of mine was telling me that this was the first method he tried out in finding a job and he ended up losing some of his friends.

But yes, apparently, some companies ask their members of staff for referrals because it’s way easier than just hiring. I think that this method works more in informal employment than it does for formal employment. But give it a shot.

Start by drawing up a list of people you may know who may be able to help you. Approach them and ask them if can help you get a job.

Make sure to attend networking events, join industry affiliated clubs/societies and always remember to carry printed out resumes to these events. You never know who you meet.

And whatever happens; don’t lose hope, don’t be discouraged. It’s going to be just fine in the end. Please feel free to contact me to chat about your job search journey, my contact information is on my homepage.

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